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When life throws you a curve ball, Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard is here to help you. If you are looking to establish or enforce guardianship in Williamson County, contact our family law firm. If circumstances no longer allow for the child’s birth parents to care for him or her, we can help you establish legal guardianship for the child. As a legal guardian, you essentially take on the responsibilities of a parent. If you are considering applying for legal guardianship, we would be proud to offer you our unparalleled legal services. We believe that all children deserve to be provided for. We applaud your efforts and would be proud to help you file the necessary paperwork in your journey toward becoming a legal guardian.

Rights & Responsibilities Of A Legal Guardian

While most often the caretaker is a close relative of the child, legal guardians are not required to be related to the child. If a grandparent, sibling, aunt or uncle cannot fulfill the role of legal guardian, this role may be entrusted to another relative or close family friend. Regardless of your relationship with the child, as his or her legal guardian, you will be granted the same rights and responsibilities that a parent would have.

  • The Child’s Medical Care
  • The Child’s Education
  • The Child’s Residence
  • The Child’s Financial Support
  • Granting The Child, If Under 18, Permission To Get Married
  • Granting The Child, If Under 18, Permission To Enlist In The Military

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Questions

  • What Is A Legal Guardian?


    A legal guardian is a non-parent who takes on all the legal responsibility for a child. Legal guardians are responsible for the care and support of the child or children. In order to establish guardianship, you must file papers in court. You will be required to pay a filing fee when you file your petition stating your interest in obtaining guardianship. Next, you will file a letter of consent from the child’s parents. From here, the court will set up interviews and may order a home visit and background check.

  • What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A Legal Guardian?


    Becoming the legal guardian of a child has many benefits. Unlike foster parents, legal guardians are responsible for making key decisions for the minor. Legal guardianship is advantageous for long-term care. It is a means of providing the same care and love that a parent may be unable to offer the child.

  • How Does Guardianship Differ From Adoption?


    During the adoption process, the biological parents’ rights are terminated and the adoptive parents become the child’s legal parents. Unlike adoption, as the legal guardian of the child, you will not be required to terminate the child’s legal relationship to his or her parents. The birth parents of the child will still have the right and responsibility of support and visitation.

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